Racial Equity Audit Facilitator(s)

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund

Contract term: June-December 2022


Founded in 2010, FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-­led fund focused exclusively on supporting young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas across the globe. We believe in the collective power, expertise, and innovation of young feminist organizers to address root causes and structures of inequality in order to create lasting change in their communities. 

To this end, FRIDA:

  • Provides small flexible grants to fund initiatives led by young women and trans youth under 30 years old with grants for core support, selected through an annual participatory review process.
  • Offers opportunities for capacity development that are accessible and responsive to the needs of young feminist organizers, and based on linking and learning relationships that strengthen networks of young feminist activists within multigenerational movements;
  • Mobilizes resources from both traditional and non-­‐traditional sources, with new and modern methods, to enhance the quality and quantity of funding for women’s human rights; and
  • Builds knowledge for advocacy to ensure financial and non-­‐financial policies are inclusive and responsive to the priorities articulated by young women, girls and trans youth.


The Racial Equity Audit Facilitator(s) is responsible for working collectively with FRIDA’s Organizational Strengthening Committee to develop and conduct a racial equity audit. This audit should be done in a participatory manner across the organization, receiving and implementing staff and board feedback into the process. The Facilitator(s) must ensure that this process is conducted using a decolonial approach that is sensitive to various cultures, ethnicities, languages and the implicit & explicit biases that exist in a multicultural workplace. High levels of confidentiality are needed in this process internally and externally. Documentation of the process, findings and recommendations are important for organizational memory as well as sharing with the wider community.


Experiences and Scope of the Role

  • An individual or small team that has experience working with diverse communities, and an awareness of diverse cultural, linguistic, racial, ethnic, geo-political backgrounds, 
  • An individual or small team that uses decolonial and feminist approaches in their work
  • An individual or small team that is able to center care in their approach, and has experience in healing justice, restorative justice, and trauma-informed facilitation practices
  • An individual or a small team who has experience supporting organisations develop diversity and inclusion policies or similar HR/governance policies 

How to support the FRIDA team:

  • Creating clear communication channels that encourage the engagement, input, and ownership of the process from the full team, with particular support and guidance from the organizational strengthening committee
  • Creation of varied facilitation styles and methodology, using creative approaches
  • Supporting the FRIDA team to develop strong accountability measures in order to ensure the sustainability of the process

Expected Outcomes + Priorities for the process

  • A comprehensive audit outlining the current status of Racial Equity at FRIDA, highlighting qualitative and quantitative data that can be easily and accessibly synthesized
  • A post-audit roadmap for the FRIDA team to undertake necessary trainings, policy changes, organizational culture changes, and structural changes that enable FRIDA to be a work environment that fosters racial and cultural equity
  • Recommendations of support mechanisms that are rooted in a restorative justice approach, if harm has occurred. 

To apply, please submit an expression of interest (maximum two pages) outlining your vision for the process and your experience with similar processes, as well as the CVs of all facilitators. Along with your financial proposal please include a brief outline of expected timelines and number of hours needed for the process. Please email all application materials to ccteam@youngfeministfund.org by 30 June 2022