Senior Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer

Full time – 28 hours per week

Remote, preferably from/based in a Global Majority* country

Basic Salary- $52000 a year


In recent years, FRIDA has been fortunate to experience rapid growth in staff size, due to a growing budget, increasing grantmaking, and other activities. As we navigate the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and implement its Strategic MEL Framework, a rising priority is to ensure that our internal systems and structures stay relevant and adequate to FRIDA’s increasing size, that cross-team collaboration flow and adapt to change and that all staff members are able to thrive, grow and feel supported within FRIDA. 

A key part of this process is to strengthen our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) capacity, and to ensure that MEL at FRIDA is reaching its full potential. Specifically, FRIDA is looking to strengthen its internal cross-team coordination on data management, to ensure clear, effective processes to manage our grantmaking and other data. 

2023 will be a year in which the MEL team will also focus on strategic discussions and capacity strengthening. In addition to its core MEL tasks and duties, the team will work on developing a long-term MEL strategy for FRIDA, and will review and update the roles and trajectories plan of MEL staff at FRIDA.


The Sr. MEL Officer is a new high-level coordination role focused on improving and streamlining collaboration processes between FRIDA teams around data and impact reporting. Collecting, analyzing and reporting grantmaking data and impact stories as well as advocacy, organizational strengthening and cross-movement data is a complex process that involves different teams in different moments of time, requiring fluid, effective cross-team collaboration and decision-making. 

Under FRIDA’s Strategic MEL Framework, the Fund is committed to improve and streamline its reporting processes to clearly communicate its impact and reach, ensuring donor partners, young feminist activists and the general public remain informed about its work. The Sr. MEL Officer is responsible for facilitating the reporting processes by overseeing cross-team data flows, co-producing deliverables in a timely manner and supporting a positive and flexible rhythm of work alongside the Resource Mobilization, Programs and Finance teams, considering their work plans. The Sr. MEL Officer is responsible for leading new projects at FRIDA focused on data visualization, both organizational and grantmaking, and bringing creative ways for better understanding and learning of FRIDA change. The Sr. MEL Officer will complement and support other teams within FRIDA, as well as other FRIDA team members who hold data management responsibilities. 

With the support of the MEL Manager, the Sr. MEL Officer is co-responsible -together with the current Sr. MEL Officer- for key aspects of FRIDA’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning system: to lead the strengthening and implementation of FRIDA’s MEL strategy and system across the entire Fund and with all stakeholders, guided by innovative and participatory feminist MEL principles.  It is a role committed to promoting young feminist leadership at FRIDA and creative ideas on how to build a healthy feminist organization.

The Sr. MEL Officer will be supervised by the MEL Manager and is expected to closely collaborate with the current Sr. MEL Officer and MEL Associate, as well as other FRIDA teams as necessary: Programs; Resource Mobilization; Finances; Communications and Advocacy; Technology and Holistic /Security; Human Resources and the Communities and Culture team.

The Sr. MEL Officer will also represent FRIDA in key forums, and contribute to FRIDA’s strategic planning, development and administration. 

This position is a full time position. The location of the position is flexible, where the applicant is legally able to reside, but preferably within the Global South, and particularly the South West Asia and North Africa (also known as MENA) or Asia Pacific regions. Persons under the age of 35 are strongly encouraged to apply.


Cross-team coordination and data management

  • Coordinates reporting processes, ensuring the smooth-running flow of data between Resource Mobilization, Programs, Finance and MEL teams, and ensuring the production and completion of related deliverables.
  • Provides oversight of tasks and duties of key cross-team point persons who hold data management responsibilities.  
  • Coordinates conversations between teams based across multiple countries and time zones who are involved in the reporting process. 
  • Facilitates a positive, collaborative environment and pace in conjunction with MEL and other teams’ work plans and priorities. 

Data management and platforms

  • Manages sensitive data and information, from the collection stages with grantee partners and staff up to reporting moments, always ensuring the contribution to illustrating FRIDA’s impact.
  • Manage data and information in Salesforce. Leads Salesforce customization processes, integrations with other platforms, for the greatest benefit of the flow of information and the organizational learning cycle.
  • Coordinates data analysis and visualization projects to better understand and learn grantee partners’ impact and FRIDA contribution to change. 
  • Holds coordination duties and expertise on the platforms and documents where FRIDA’s data is stored and analyzed. 

Grantee Partner data and engagement

  • Holds an overall understanding, and is able to zoom-in and zoom-out between strategic conversations, cross-team needs and data grantmaking needs and requirements at FRIDA.  
  • Works closely with Programs team staff to better understand FRIDA’s grantmaking processes and the platforms used.
  • Supports grantee partner data collection, working with the Programs team, overseeing quality control and completion. 

Oversight of FRIDA’s MEL System 

  • Works closely with the MEL Manager to strengthen and implement a comprehensive strategy for FRIDA’s monitoring, evaluation and learning, including preparing an annual work plan and budget. 
  • Fosters a community of learning within FRIDA and its grantee partners, supporting grantee partners to document and share progress, lessons learned, and success stories, and building inter- and cross-regional and thematic bridges between each other through in-person and virtual spaces.
  • Oversees FRIDA data collection, analysis and management systems, strategies and methods, including use of the Salesforce and Smart Simple databases and Impact Mapper, as well as potentially new tools in the future. 
  • Supports the management of FRIDA knowledge building and learning projects related to understanding the Fund’s impact and contribution to change.

Leadership and Management

  • Participates in strategic thinking and planning for the organization and MEL team. 
  • Plays a relevant role for the MEL team – supporting the updating of team work plans, developing and monitoring budgets, and leading by example to promote a healthy and happy work culture.
  • Supervises consultants and staff at the Officer and Associate levels – contributing to staff member’s professional development and monitoring work plans.
  • Approve expenses up to a certain amount per FRIDA’s finance policies and as aligned to the overall annual budget. 

 Global majority – We use “people of the globalmajority” since Black, indigenous, and People of Color represent over 80% of the world’s population. Global majority refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the globalsouth, and/or have been referred to as “ethnicminorities“.

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