Transition Strategy Consultant

Terms of Responsibility

Location | Flexible, in Latin America.
Start date | ASAP
Language Required: Spanish & English
Type | Programmatic Support. 30-35 hours per week.
Duration | June 2021 – December 2021. With possibility of extension

About Transition Strategy
Aligned with its Strategic Plan 2020-2025, FRIDA is committed to deepening its
work and understanding its community’s needs in order to provide support
that is intentional, flexible, and responsive.
FRIDA aims to cultivate meaningful relationships with grantee partners, based
on trust and transforming power from the very beginning to the end of their
FRIDA journey. Therefore, FRIDA is committed to creating a transition process
that encourages both self-sustainability and continual inclusion of groups in
the FRIDA community. This means that we will mobilize financial and
non-financial resources to ensure these groups a smooth transition, but also
ensure that the groups have the opportunity to remain as part of the FRIDA

The support FRIDA provides to young feminist groups in the early stages of
their journey is meant to be critical seed funding, and is often the first source
of funding for newly established collectives. Thus, we aim to provide
continued support to these collectives, for a time period of up to 5 years,
since this period is considered by FRIDA as an appropriate amount of time to
support these groups to establish themselves, build stronger networks, secure
access to alternative funding, and start to diversify their resources of support
to strengthen a sustainable feminist ecosystem of their own.

Transition Strategy Consultant

Currently, the Transition Strategy is composed of different components,
including: Grantmaking, Capacity Strengthening & Accompaniment,
Networking and Connections with donors.
In consultation and collaboration with relevant staff, the consultant will
support the implementation of the Transition Strategy and the
accompaniment to transitioning grantee partners of FRIDA, mainly around
Capacity Strengthening & Accompaniment, providing organizational,
communicational and administrative support.

Scope of Work and Structure
The consultant will report to the Co-Manager of Programs for Capacity
Strengthening and will work closely with the Program Officer for Transition
Process of Grantee Partners.
This position entails a lot of administrative work, including tracking files,
keeping databases up to date, and maintenance of internal operating

Duration and Remuneration

The consultancy will be held in a period of 6 months, from June to December
2021, with possibility of extension based on performance and project needs.
The Consultant is required to work a maximum of 30 hours per week. We do
understand that the number of hours per week might vary depending on the
workload so we have this in mind and discuss with you if any modifications
are needed during the consultancy.

Recruitment Process
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications through
Humi including their CV, a cover letter, and three reference contacts, before
May 16, 2021. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Final decisions
will be made before June 11th.