Joint research by FRIDA & AWID
FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund and Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID’s) Young Feminist Activism Program are pleased to publish Brave, Creative, Resilient: The Global State of Young Feminist Organizing, an international mapping on the global state of young feminist organizing.

Mapping Young Feminist Organizing

Using two major data sets covering over 1500 young women, girl and trans* led groups and organizations, this research provides a ‘snapshot’ of who young feminist organizations are, the issues and strategies they work on, and the financial and political realities that shape their work.

The report’s main findings indicate that young feminist organizations are using innovative strategies to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time, with some of the most vulnerable populations, however they are also strikingly under-resourced and their sustainability is in jeopardy.

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Intersectionality in Action

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Fighting for Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Beyond Borders

Participation and Consensus


Fighting Discrimination at Great Risk