Aizat Shakieva

Patronus: Horse
Favourite Quote: Love saves everything.

Aizat is a feminist activist and single mom who believes in the kind of activism that promotes love and care, provides opportunities for women’s and children rights advancement and practises feminist parenthood. “Being single mom is also political part of my life. I admit my daughter to be and feel not only my daughter, but also be a communal daughter,” she says. Aizat has a five year journalistic experience and has previously worked as editor of a popular news portal in Kyrgyzstan: Kloop. She has been involved with the activities of a young feminist group, Bishkek Feminists Initiatives, since 2014 and became the coordinator in 2016. She started to participate in an advocacy campaign on promoting a lawsuit on sexual and reproductive rights and health. Aizat also covered sexual and reproductive issues of diverse people, including LGBT and people with disabilities, in the media. Currently, Aizat is learning more about alternative Islam in order to lead a new initiative on Islam and feminism. Since January 2017, she has started to coordinate a Coalition for Equality in Kyrgyzstan, working on the development of promoting a lawsuit on providing equality. Aizat is fluent in Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Russian, English and spoken Chinese.

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