Ana Criquillion
Special Advisor to the Board and Founding Advisor

Ana Criquillion is a French-Nicaraguan long term feminist activist, a social entrepreneur and a “serial founder”. At 22, Ana started a women’s group in a poor neighborhood in Managua, focusing on advancing women’s rights during the struggle against Somoza’s dictatorship. During the Sandinista Revolution, Ana went to work for the Rural Workers Association (ATC) where she and a colleague convinced the union to establish Nicaragua’s first organized women workers’ secretariat. Later on, while teaching sociology at Central American University (UCA), Ana created Nicaragua’s first women studies undergraduate program. She was also involved in the creation of The PIE  (Partido de la Izquierda Erotica) a group of well known feminist activists during the revolution. In 1990, she founded Puntos de Encuentro, (“Common Ground”), a Nicaraguan non-profit organization specialized in communication for social change, working for the promotion of women’s and girls’ rights. Puntos became soon a well-known organization in the region, thanks to its very successful television soap operas and its feminist magazine La Boletina. In the following decade, Ana focused her energy on the feminist movement’s financial sustainability. She has been the founding Executive Director of the Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres based in Nicaragua and later of the Central American Women’s Fund based in San Francisco (California),  a founder of Calala- Fondo de Mujeres in Spain and more recently of FRIDA. In 2005, Ana was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship for leading social entrepreneurs proposing innovative solutions to change patterns across society. Ana is currently co-founder and Strategic Coordinator of the Campaigner Project for Gender Justice, the first digital platform where feminist and gender justice activists can run their own campaigns and build together a global community of powerful, like-minded and committed gender equality and women’s rights supporters all over the world.

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