Anna Szczegielniak

Patronus :Koala

For the last decade Anna has worked in the areas of youth leadership and
empowerment, gender equality, social justice, human rights, and access to health
services and treatment for young people from key affected populations through variety of
youth-led and youth-centered organizations on local, regional and international level
(through, among others, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Youth Coalition for Sexual,
and Reproductive Rights and Youth Advisory Panel of the Global Online Hub for CSE
Advocacy). In her work focused on community-driven initiatives identifying existing gaps
in the services, exploring interlinkages between different sectors, and addressing stigma.
Recently actively involved in local feminist collectives and women’s rights movements.
She has experience in advocacy, capacity building, campaign management, fundraising,
grant facilitation, and community mobilization. Aside from working with the civil society,
she is a medical doctor during her residency in psychiatry and a researcher in the field of
sexual health.

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