Ayesha Constable

Ayesha is completing her doctoral research in climate change and agriculture at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. The unique challenge faced by women due to climate change has led to her calls for gendered policy and programmatic interventions. Ayesha’s experience as a young girl growing up in rural Jamaica has made her particularly keen on developing solutions to address the plight of girls and women. Ayeesha has served as a Resident Advisor on the Mary Seacole Hall, an all-female hall at the University of the West Indies where she helped to develop and execute leadership programmes for the over 200 residents. At the national level she has continued her advocacy for girls and women as a member of the steering committee for the National Plan for the Eradication of Gender-Based Violence and as an affiliate of the 51% Coalition. Ayesha has also worked with primary and secondary schools across Jamaica to develop mentorship and leadership programmes for vulnerable girls. She is also a member of the Sustainable Solutions Development Youth Network and Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network.

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