Berenice Agabo
Former Advisor

Berenice Agabo is a 28-year-old Mexican. She joined the feminist movement when she was at university, particularly working on the study of feminism in the topics of women worker’s rights and gender-based violence. During her university studies, she was a part of the student movement for the defence of a public, free and inclusive education. She has recently become a member of a feminist collective that works on developing convergent educational spaces directed mainly to young feminists. Berenice has also participated and coordinated training spaces on feminist theory, gender theory and social movements. Additionally, together with other colleagues from the collective, they launched campaigns for women’ human rights, for the decriminalization of abortion and for the elimination of violence against women and feminicides. “It is a pleasure to collaborate with FRIDA, and a great opportunity to work with young feminist from several parts of the world from whom I am confident I will learn a lot,” she says.

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