Camaro West

Camaro West is a passionate activist from St. Kitts and Nevis living in Canada. A self-described dreamer and un-cautious optimist, she has a Master’s degree in International Development with a focus on Gender and Development. Following her studies, Camaro spent time in Ghana working as a Gender Advisor for the Ghana YMCA and has remained actively engaged in promoting women’s rights globally. She is a member of the CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network, an active blogger and former Global Outreach Director for Girls’ Globe, an international women’s rights advocacy and awareness organization. Having worked for a small Canadian non-profit providing funding to community development projects throughout Latin America, Camaro also brings her grant-making experience to the team. Camaro is particularly interested in the area of young women’s leadership and feels strongly that grassroots feminist activists are powerful agents of change. She is thrilled to be a part of the FRIDA team, helping to raise the voices of young feminists and building their capacity to do their work.

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