Dani Prisacariu

Patronus: Can it be a plant? If so, deffinitely Nettles
Favourite quote:
“To become the ocean we don’t say the river is small, we become the great water that
changes the landscape” -Adrienne Maree Brown

Dani is a facilitator and community builder, committed to holding space for relational
learning that creates more freedom. Most of their work so far has been in LGBTQI+ activism in
Romania, and in community organising for social justice. For the past 4 years, they coordinated
Gender Talk, a community initiative of gender explorers and rebels that works to create more
space and possibilities for us all to exist and thrive outside the gender binary.
They are a student of somatics, body based methodologies for shaping change, herbs and
being in the right relationship with nature.
They use they/them pronouns.

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