Evdokia Romanova

Patronus: Dog

Fav Quote: “Silence maintain the status quo. If decided to speak up I decide to rise.” – Isatou Touray

Evdokia alias Dunia started her activism as a teenager, inspired with the ideas of justice and fight for human rights. She has experience in advocacy, fundraising, campaign managing, community mobilization, and events facilitation. Her expertise varies from working in various countries with a variety of topics related to human rights. She currently works for the Samara regional LGBT movement Avers and is a member of Global Human Rights Organization Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Dunia holds a Masters degree from the University of Texas at El Paso, USA. Aside from working with the civil society, she is also a yoga teacher and practitioner. Based in Samara, Russia, Dunia is fluent in Russian, English, Spanish and is learning German.

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