Ghadir Shafie
Former Advisor

Ghadir Shafie is a Palestinian living in Israel, a second generation of the indigenous people who, after the Palestinian Nakba and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, received Israeli citizenship, albeit a second class citizenship. Ghadir identifies as a Palestinian queer feminist activist, and is currently serving as a co-director at Aswat -Palestinian Gay Women. Palestinian queer women fight a triple oppression – as Palestinians, an indigenous minority in Israel suffering systematic discrimination in policies and practices; as women in the context of conflict and the geopolitical challenges facing our feminist movements; and as queers, facing homophobia and Pinkwashing. Ghadir believes in the intersectionality of our struggle, visibilizing this intersectionality to others by uniting the feminist, queer and Palestinian liberation movements in a monumental struggle for justice and freedom to all Palestinians.

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