Ghaidaa Alabsi

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Ghaidaa Alabsi obtained her MA degree in Political Science from Warsaw University, Poland in 2013, and is currently a Ph.D candidate at Malaya University, Malaysia. She has six years’ experience in gender and social cohesion mainstreaming programming in conflict areas, and her career has centered on developing and supporting the implementation of gender equality strategies and targeted actions to advance women’s human rights on humanitarian and development programmes in different local and international organizations. In 2009 Ghaidaa fundraised a project on Empowering Yemeni Women Activists on new media (EWAM) as a tool to build social and political campaigns Rising Voices. In August 2011- 2013, she co-founded a campaign against streets sexual harassment called ‘Safe Streets. Ghaidaa is fluent in Arabic, English and basic French and tweets as @GhaidaaMotahar.

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