Gopika Bashi

Patronus: Probably a stubborn mule!

Favourite Quote
: Never really got into quotes, but have always enjoyed the poem Invictus, ever since I was a teenager.

Gopika works as the Asia campaigner for Oxfam International’s worldwide Enough campaign. She supports countries in the region to plan and run campaigns that challenge and change widely accepted and harmful social norms that justify violence against women and girls. She has trained and worked with women from diverse backgrounds on issues related to access to justice, sexual and gender-based violence, gender and sexuality. She is a graduate of Anthropology and Development Studies from SOAS, and completed an MA in Science, Society and Development at IDS, Sussex. She has also been an advocate for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Originally from Chennai, Gopika is based in Bangalore, India and is fluent in English, Hindi, Malayalam, elementary Tamil, Kannada and French. She tweets as @gopikabashi.

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