Gordana Subotic

Patronus: Cat

Favourite Quote
: “The most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought.“: Emma Goldman

Gordana is a passionate young feminist activist originally from the Balkans and currently based in Australia. She has a PhD of Philosophy from the University of Melbourne and holds an MA degree in Arts in Regional Studies of the United States of America and a Bachelor of Arts. She has also been a member of a feminist and LGBTTIQ movement since 2009. Gordana has worked for women’s and LGBTTIQ NGO’s on projects related to monitoring of the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 and human security of the LGBTTIQ people. She has also reported on the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Serbian Parliament, UN HQ Geneva and New York. Gordana is fluent in Spanish, Serbian and English.

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