Irina Costache

Irina Costache has been a feminist since as long as she remembers! Born in Romania, she traveled abroad to study and returned home because that’s where she felt her feminist activism would make a real difference. In Romania, Irina co-founded a feminist collective at Biblioteca Alternativa gathering young activists in 2019/2010, started working with A.L.E.G (Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender), one of the fastest growing women’s rights NGO around 2013 and freelanced with other feminist and women’s rights projects and groups. Irina’s main area of activism has been gender-based violence, particularly sexual violence. Irina helped set up an online counseling platform for young people seeking information about sexual abuse and also ran a networking and advocacy project focusing on making victims/survivor’s rights visible and acknowledged by decision-makers. Irina also took part in the UN post2015 process as part of the Women’s Major Group platform and as a member of ASTRA Network board. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA and PhD degree in Gender Studies from Central European University. In the fall of 2015, Irina returned to Budapest to teach at her former alma mater.

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