Ksenija Joksimovic
Former Advisor

Ksenija Joksimovic is a psychodrama, psychotherapy student, queer feminist and activist from Belgrade, Serbia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Andragogy (Adult education) and is an experienced youth worker and trainer. She has been mostly working with high school and university students, as well as adults and also has experience working with children who work and/or live on the streets. Ksenija is one of the founders of non-formal group of activists from Belgrade, called ‘’Youth Forum for Gender Equality’’, which is created within ALTERO- Association for personal training, education, development and empowerment, in October 2012, and actively participates in its work. Ksenija believes that activism must be intersectional, inclusive, and norm critical, and to have a ‘’ bottom-up’’ approach, in order to be meaningful. Showing solidarity and mutual support, encouraging empathy and cooperation among members of different minority groups and activists who are working with and for them, is the main focus of her work. She is deeply interested in feminist re-interpretation of fairytales, myths and oral histories, from the perspective of Jungian psychology and is very passionate about traveling, people, nature and birds.

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