Lame Charmaine Olebile

Patronus: Owl

Fav Quote: All that you touch you Change. All that you Change Changes you: Octavia Butler.

Lame Olebile is a queer, Pan African, social justice feminist with experience in LGBTQI organizing nationally and regionally. Formerly a human rights projects officer with the Ngamiland Council of NGOs, she coordinated a human rights education project on LGBT, disability and children’s rights in the district. As the coordinator of Pan-Africa ILGA, she worked closely with LGBTQI organizations in Africa. As part of her role as coordinator of the Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana, LEGABIBO, she initiated a strategic litigation project where LEGABIBO challenged the government of Botswana’s refusal to formally recognise the association. Lame also worked at the Durban Lesbian and Gay Community and Health Centre as the research and mainstreaming officer where she worked on lesbian women’s sexual health issues. Prior to that she was an advocacy officer and researcher with the LEGABIBO and conducted advocacy projects locally, internationally and at the UN Human Rights Council for the same organisation. Lame completed her studies in Political Science and Administration and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Research and Public Policy at the University Of Botswana. She is the programs officer for Africa and Asia for the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, member of the FRIDA advisory and LEGABIBO Board. Lame currently lives in Botswana with her cat named Tsatsi.

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