Leticia Alves
Former Advisor

Leticia Alves is a young feminist activist living in Mexico (and Brazil). “I say that because since I came to Mexico, I feel I still dwell, through emotion and militancy, in my social and political context of origin,” Leticia explains. “Therefore, feminism, from the Latin American context (and discoveries arising from my experiences between Brazil-Mexico) is my newest passion.” Leticia has come to Mexico to obtain the International Diploma in The Challenges of Feminism in Latin America at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and to understand the dynamics of distance and closeness (partnerships) among feminists in Brazil and other Latin American countries. “Earlier in Brazil, my way of experiencing feminism was practically through militancy in the feminist movement in Rio de Janeiro.” In this period, Leticia participated in political articulations of youth, feminist and social movements and NGOs. Her experience in these areas solidified her identity not only as a feminist, but also as a young women. “For me, feminism brought a whole new way of seeing the world through the perspective of gender, class, race, age and sexual orientation. The intense socio-political mobilization that Brazil experienced last year is a context that served as an axis of influence and helped my political orientation, my identities. There are several subjective changes that are occurring in our society and among the youths who live there,” says Leticia.

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