Lois Edith Gonzaléz

Lois Edith Gonzaléz is a young feminist activist from Nicaragua. She is proud to have received feminist education from an early age and join women’s movements. She is committed to the defence of the human rights of all individuals. Currently, Lois has collaborated with Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir – Nicaragua and has carried out consultancy jobs with a gender perspective directed to youth at a national and regional level. Since 2011, she has been directly involved in proposal writing, evaluation and resource management. She recently graduated in Law at the Universidad Centroamérica and now has new goals for the future. She wishes to continue specialising and strengthening her knowledge to deconstruct what she has learned and what has been instituted by a patriarchal and chauvinist system as well as to achieve women’s access to justice and, most importantly, to achieve the long-awaited dream of having an equal society that we are daily struggling for.

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