Lucia Martelotte

Lucia Martelotte is a 31-year-old feminist activist who lived for several years in Spain, where she studied Sociology, Political Science and obtained her Master’s degree in Democracy and Good Governance. In 2010, she moved to Buenos Aires and since 2011, she has been a part of the Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género (ELA), an NGO that works on women’s rights. Lucia has accompanied the organization and been involved in the strengthening process of women’s groups in Colombia and Argentina. She works as a consultant of the gender affair division of CEPAL providing online courses. Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate in Political Science, doing research on women’s political participation in Latin America and trying to recuperate the setbacks and life experiences of women politicians. Care policies and the elimination of violence against women in all forms are two other centrals issue that Lucia has worked on and deeply committed to.​

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