Ludmila Martínez Catinari
Girl Advisor

Patronus: I like mammals, so lion, tiger, panther. I have two cats, Umy and Apolo.
Fav Quote: “The day in which the woman can love with her strength and not with her weakness, not to flee from herself, but to find herself, not to renounce but to affirm herself … then love will be a source of life and not a mortal danger.” Simone de Beauvoir

Ludmila Martínez Catinari is based out Buenos Aries, Argentina and is in the last year at Carlos Pellegrini high school. She has been part of a few feminist workshops and collectives whose agenda has been to push for the feminist standpoint. “My mother is a feminist so I usually speak with her about this,”she says. Ludmila is an active debater who takes part in school debates and also took part at the National Meeting of Women in Chaco province and calls it a memorable experience. She is fluent in Spanish and English and tweets as @luudmc.

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