Luisa Herrera Velázquez

Luisa Herrera Velázquez is 26 years old and lives in Mexico City, although she is originally from the state of Puebla. Luisa studied Political Communication at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Five years ago, Luisa co-founded IMPETU, where she develops projects for youth from their perspective as well as projects for young women from a feminist perspective. “I identify as a feminist [and] I specifically agree with the theory and practice of current Latin American and decolonial lesbofeminism, so I identify as a lesbian feminist,” Luisa says.
Luisa is a host on Youth Zone, a radio program where she interviews organizations focusing on young women, “because even within youth studies or “movements”, as we know, young women are invisible.” Luisa is also member of La Crítica and Djovenes and coordinates a training program for young reporters; their texts are published on these platforms. A little over a year ago, Luisa began accompanying women to abortion clinics. “I am an intense cyber-activist and I participate in various group,” Luisa adds.

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