Magda Pochec

Patronus: Eagle

Favourite Quote: Empower your dreams with deadlines! 😉

Magda Pochec lives in Warsaw, Poland and she is a cross-cultural psychologist by training. She is a co-founder of the Feminist Fund in Poland (FemFund). Magda has been active in the field of women’s and LGBTQ rights since 2007. She has experience in working at international, regional and national level. Magda cooperated with a number of networks such as YouAct, the European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights or ASTRA Youth. For over five years she served as a Programme Officer at KARAT Coalition, which is a regional network of women’s organisations from Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She co-coordinated grantmaking in the area of combating discrimination at the Batory Foundation, which is one of the biggest providers of funding for civil society organisations in Poland. Magda co-authored and co-edited two subsequent alternative reports on the implementation of CEDAW in Poland. Magda is fluent in Polish and English.

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