Majandra Rodriguez Acha
Board Member

Patronus: Whale

Fav Quote: “La desesperación sería un lujo. Si pensamos en nosotros mismos, en nuestros hijos, y en otros vivientes que existen y van a existir, desesperarse no es una opción” (Despair would be luxury. If we think of ourselves, our children, and other living beings that exist and will exist, despair is not an option): Deborah Danowsky

Majandra Rodriguez Acha is a climate justice activist from Lima, Peru. She studied Sociology/Anthropology and Sustainable Development Studies at Swarthmore College in the US. She has worked as an educator focusing on intersectionality, anti-discrimination, feminism, activism and the environment. Majandra is part of the founding crew of TierrActiva Perú, a collective and national network that works towards “system change, not climate change” and the building of alternatives to the climate crisis. In 2016, Majandra was a Young Feminist Fellow for Climate Justice at the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and FRIDA, promoting the visibility and engagement of young women and young feminist activists in climate advocacy. Previously, she has been a Climate Justice Consultant at FRIDA. In her spare time, Majandra like sto play drums in an all-women group, ride her bike and do worm composting. She is fluent in Spanish, English and intermediate French and tweets as @majandrraa.

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