March Bermúdez Fong
Tech & Data Strategist

Patronus: Guacamaya (Macaw)

March is a young, cyberfeminist from Guatemala who has developed popular education processes and spaces with grassroots groups and feminists in the Latin America. She is part of Cyberseguras – a coalition of cyberfeminist networks across Latin America. During high school, she focussed her learning on programming. During this time, March was introduced to the ethical and political foundations of free software and free culture that attracted her attention and passion. She then decided to study anthropology and since then, she has been working on gender-based violence, feminisms and hack-feminism, sovereignty and technological autonomy, territoriality and identity. March enjoys resting and staying at home. If she’s not at home, she enjoys seeing new places and being in nature, discovering new flavors, as a foodie. March is fluent in Spanish, English and has elementary knowledge of K’iche’ (Mayan language).

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