María Paula Castañeda
Former Advisor

María Paula Castañeda is a women’s human rights defender and a feminist. She is 29 years old and was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but grew up primarily in the United States. During the past 4.5 years, María has worked with feminist human rights organizations in Mexico City, mainly on the topics of access to justice for women. She has a degree in comparative literature in French, Spanish and English from Trinity University and an MA in International Relations with a minor in Peace and Security Studies at the Institute of International Relations of Barcelona. She is currently working as a consultant on gender issues, human rights, and justice and advising civil society organizations. María is the founder of Diario Igualdad, a new digital platform of social and personal reflections with a gender perspective. She is particularly interested in finding out how to spread feminist messages to a wider group of people.

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