Mayra Zamaniego López
Program Associate, Latin America and the Caribbean

Fav Quote: “To survive the Borderlands, you must live sin fronteras, be a crossroads.“: Gloria Anzaldúa

Mayra Zamaniego López is a chicana feminist activist and human rights defender from the desert at north border of Mexico. She is passionate about intersectional feminism and its application in the organization and political practice, also vindicates the recognition of the history of the witches and takes up their stories as a political bet of feminist struggle of our ancestors. Psychologist, student of the Master’s Degree in Human Rights, with studies on sexual violence, gender violence, migration and human rights. She has participated in several youth organizations and social movements as Youth Against National Emergency from where she has applied popular education from a critical and Latin American perspective. As well as in feminist youth-led collectives and organizations for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, struggling for the construction of collective processes of strengthening the mobilization and political participation of young women at local and international spaces through networks as the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Network for Sexual Rights-RedLAC. Mayra is fluent in Spanish and English and tries to tweet as @MayZmng.

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