Natalia Tsikhistavi

Favourite Quote: “Leave this world a little better than you found it.

Natalia Tsikhistavi is a 31-year-old social psychologist and a mother of four children. Since 2016, she has been working as a project manager at a German non-profit organization “Act 4 Transformation”, which implemenst projects on social and intercultural understanding for youth, as well as projects on development, peace-building, global learning and peace education. Her responsibilities include planning, conducting, coordinating team and evaluating workshops for non-violence and peace building in Georgia, Armenia and in Azerbaijan. Since 2009, she has also been working as a trainer, project manager and as European Representative of Coordinating committee and Nominations Committee of non-governmental international organization ‘Alternatives to Violence’ (AVP) Project: training programme enabling participants to deal with potentially violent situations in new and creative ways, working in more than 65 countries. Natalia’s duties include building network, facilitating, planning projects, monitoring and reporting within European countries. Natalia is a gender/diversity trainer in Girl Scouts Association “Dia”, which gives her the opportunity to spread her knowledge and encourage girls to make their dreams come true, to learn to like themselves for who they are and build body confidence. She believes in playing a role in enabling girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. Natalia enjoys travelling, music, cycling, having fun, going on adventures and making memories forever.

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