Selma Badžić

Patronus: An eagle

Favourite Quote: “I have a right to be happy, to be free, to have everything I desire, to live and experience joy and ecstasy, unconditional love until the end of my days.

Selma Badzic is from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied in Zenica and Sarajevo and was a graduate student of the Law Faculty of the University in Sarajevo. In 2008, she joined Center of Legal Assistance for Women, an NGO based in the city of Zenica. Ever since then Selma claims she gained a second home, and it was a starting point of an ever-growing desire and need to contribute towards making a gender just society: one that treats women and men with equal respect. Selma has also been an active participant in the creation and execution of street actions, flash mob performances, campaigns, energizing educational seminars for young girls, peaceful protests against violence and for peaceful resolution of conflicts, advocating for greater, more visible role and respect of rights of women, to advocacy before relevant stakeholders, trial monitoring of judiciary in cases of sexual and gender based violence as well as creation of recommendations and action plans and amendments of State laws. Selma is fluent in English and is brushing up her German and Turkish skills.

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