Sumaiya Mir
HR Officer

Fav Quote: “The basis of optimism is sheer terror” – Oscar Wilde

Sumaiya Mir is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management. She works part-time at FRIDA, while also looking after Human Resources at the MATCH International Women’s Fund. She calls herself a foodie and loves trying out new places to eat. She likes tea, chocolate, music and cooking, among other things! “I love feeling connected to my culture, dressing up in traditional attire, exploring traditional food etc; Bengali soap operas are so comforting, especially when I miss my family. I love Bollywood movies!,” she says. Sumaiya is fluent in English and Bangla, intermediate in Hindi and Urdu and has a desire to learn more languages!

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