Tatiana Vela Clavijo

Patronus: Jaguar
Favourite Quote: “Sacar la voz que estaba muerta y hacerla orquesta” Anita Tijoux

Tatiana Vela Clavijo is a psychologist and is currently part of a social organization located in the rural area of ​​Madrid-Cundinamarca, Colombia, where she works with the perspective of popular feminism, popular education, solidarity economy and food sovereignty with peasants, peasants and rural people from Madrid. Together, they also build with several compañeras of the savannah of Bogotá a space of struggle “in which we find several women who inhabit the savanna region from the popular network of Mujeres de la Sabana.” This year, they also published a book on popular feminisms, in which Tatiana had the opportunity to participate, and is the president of the Land for Women Fund, a space built by women and for women with the purpose of generating savings for the purchase of a collective land and carrying out projects from the solidarity economy and food sovereignty. For the past 6 years, Tatiana has considered herself as an activist defending women’s rights. She likes music, theater, percussion and bagpipes because she dreams of forming a group of women’s drums that advocates and criticizes the different forms of oppression. She has also participated in workshops on performing arts, likes to travel, read stories, novels and poetry. Tatiana is fluent in Spanish and a little bit of English.

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