General Application Process

Young feminist collectives from FRIDA’s focus regions can submit their applications in seven languages through an online platform that currently facilitates all stages of FRIDA’s participatory grantmaking process. Groups can log into an applicant portal and work on their application until they are ready to submit it. They can track each stage of the review process on the platform. The platform is accessible on all devices. If a group is unable to apply online they can submit their proposal in another written format. 

At the moment, FRIDA only accepts proposals in writing. We know that other formats might be more engaging and more familiar to some, but so far written proposals have allowed for the most consistency in the community voting process. This also ensures that groups can read proposals at their own pace and translate text to local languages when needed.

The call is open for 4 weeks. During that time, groups can reach out to FRIDA with any questions and concerns, especially around access to technology, security, language, etc. 

Before submitting their proposal, all groups complete a short questionnaire to confirm if their collective is aligned with FRIDA’s funding criteria. If confirmed, the group receives access to the application form and if not, they receive an email that explains again FRIDA’s funding criteria. If a group who receives this email still thinks they do fit the criteria, they can reach out to FRIDA to share more information and get access to the application form. 

Information about the process

Applicants are also informed that this is a participatory grantmaking process where parts of their proposals will be shared with fellow young feminists as part of our peer decision-making process. They are informed that they can share their work in whatever way is most comfortable for them (without needing to use NGO jargon, for instance). 

We explain each part of the process to groups in a downloadable application pack in seven languages. We also mark the information in the application form that would be shared with other groups, and ask them to not share the name of their group or any other information such as links that might jeopardize the group’s anonymity. We also ask the groups if there is information they would prefer not to share with other groups, or if they have any security concerns about this process.

Confirmation of participation

Applicants confirm if they are willing to take part in a participatory grantmaking process. If they choose to participate, they receive a timeline with each stage explained. We also share all information in the preferred language of the group. We want to ensure that groups have information about FRIDA’s criteria and overall grantmaking process so that they can make an informed decision about submitting their proposal to FRIDA. All groups can at any point decide not to take part in it or to withdraw their application.