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FRIDA relies on individuals like you to support our work by contributing time, skills and money. With your donation, you’re making a huge impact on the lives of young women, girls and trans youth by supporting organizations that wouldn’t otherwise get funding. You can also help our grantee partners by volunteering your time or skills!

Being ‘young’ and ‘new’ shouldn’t be a reason for not being able to secure funding and support.


You have the skills and expertise that our grantee partners need!

Pledge your Birthday

Make this year's celebration a way to support feminism across the globe!

Giving Circle

A small group of people can change so much.

Thank you!

Together, we can make this world a place where all young women, girls, and trans*youth feel powerful and happy.

Showing solidarity

Your solidarity is an important resource that motivates and sustains these movements.

Periodically, we hold #SolidarityStorms on key issues that affect feminist movements around us and highlight the ways our generation of organizers is responding to them.

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