How do feminism, care practices and climate activism connect?
This is the translated and edited version of a conversation between Ledys Sanjuan and Majandra Rodriguez, facilitated by Maria Alejandra Escalante. Originally recorded as a sound byte in Spanish (releasing soon!), here are some excerpts…
Feb 13, 2019 Climate Justice
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Meet our Donors – Building Our Community Together

Feb 27, 2012
I worked for the Global Fund for Women, a great organization that financially supports many of the women’s groups around the world that focus on truly engaging women in society via leadership, civic and community engagement and…
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Empowering Evaluation: Looking beyond the numbers

Nov 28, 2011
By: Elizabeth Hoody As a former grant-maker, I was glad to see that 14 Points talked about the challenge of evaluating anti-domestic violence work in a post by Payal Hathi last May. In my own experiences working in a women’s rights…
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