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It is not our differences that divide us. it is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

Audre Lorde’s words of wisdoms are an integral reminder about the fact that our lives are never unidimensional. Our struggles are never singular and our experiences of oppression often intersect.

Our movements are made up of individuals who identify in different ways. We are black, brown, white and Latinx. We are queer, bi-curious, asexual and heterosexual. We are differently abled and able bodied. We are women, men, trans* and gender non-conforming. We are indigenous, Dalits, environmentalists, Muslim, Buddhists, an ethnic minority, an immigrant and a refugee. Sometimes, we are one and sometimes we are all.

Our feminism exists at the intersection of these identities. Our feminism exists to respect these identities and allow them to grow.


How do we understand intersectionality together?

From October 31 – Nov 2, FRIDA is asking you to unpack intersectionality through an online conversation using simple exercises of «Fill in the blank».

Together, we we will create a storm of solidarity around intersectionality, what it means, how it links to our feminist politics and the different struggles and identities we walk with every day.


Who are you? What are the identities you walk proudly with? What are the identities sometimes make you uncomfortable? Together, let us fill in that blank and take a momento to understand how identities intersect and make our feminism stronger and bolder.

Me identifico
como _________,
_________ y

La parte de mi
identidad que soy más
consciente de un diario
la base es ___________.

The part of my
identity that I am least
aware of an a daily
basis is ___________.

The part of my identity
that was most
emphasized or
important in my family
growing up was

The part of my
identity that
provides me the
most privilege is

The part of my
identity that I
believe is the most
misunderstood by
other is

The part of my
identity that I feel is
difficult to discuss
with others is

The identities that
I feeI can
choose are:

The identities I
feel have been
Imposed are

Results of the storm

Using the hashtag #iam we posed some “fill-in-the-blank” questions on our social media pages, encouraging our audience to respond.

We are thankful to those who did–who laid bare their identities, how comfortable or uncomfortable they make them and how aware they are of them. We share with you some snapshots of the submissions we got – on social media, in writing, photos, and video!