FRIDA является 100%ной молодежной феминистской организацией, которая привержена миссии поддерживать молодежную феминистскую самоорганизацию, а также координируется самими феминистскими активист_ками. Сети FRIDA широко и далеко представлены и присутствуют в странах Глобального Юга по всему миру. Разные активист_ки играют разные роли в продвижении ценностей, видения и миссии FRIDA.

Meet our Advisors

Since its founding, FRIDA has relied on a Global Advisory Committee made up of young feminist activists from all over the world. These Advisors play a key role in the different areas of our work. Ranging from facilitating FRIDA’s annual participatory grantmaking process by conducting outreach, screening applications, reviewing final results, supporting with due diligence to supporting grantee partner capacity strengthening, their role is critical. FRIDA advisors also help in setting regional strategic priorities within FRIDA, informing strategic and programmatic decisions in various areas of our organisational mission and informing FRIDA’s strategic direction every 5 years. 

Our advisors are divided and recruited on a regional basis. Click on each of these regions to view its advisory committee: 

  • South, South East Asia and the Pacific
  • Central, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central and North Asia 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean 
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa