FRIDA provides small grants to newly established groups of young feminists based in the Global South to respond to the funding gap felt by the growing number of young feminist organizers worldwide. FRIDA aims to reach diverse communities, and priority is given to groups composed of and/or working with marginalized populations, with little or no access to funding from larger donors.

We believe that young feminist activists are already thinking critically about the issues that are affecting their lives and communities, and we trust them to be the experts of their own reality. FRIDA uses a participatory grantmaking process that puts decision-making in the hands of young feminists themselves as agents of change, and aims to shift traditional power relations between funder and grantee. The peer-review process promotes movement building in that it enhances analysis, connections, and accountability between applicants. These relationships of shared accountability and solidarity continue after the application process throughout capacity development, monitoring and evaluation and other areas.

All grants are awarded as flexible funds and core support, which allows groups to define their own budgets and dedicate funds to where it is most needed. In particular, FRIDA’s grants can be used to cover traditionally and increasingly underfunded areas like overhead and general operating costs. This often results in groups being able to guarantee safe spaces that allow for alliance building, or registration ultimately leading to mobilizing resource and building stronger organisations.

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