Theory of Change
We are here to support young feminist organizers to achieve their dreams and make the world a more just place, to disrupt the status quo and challenge power dynamics within funding institutions. We developed an interactive visual to illustrate how young feminists organizers are changing the world.

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We believe in the collective power of young feminists to lead and transform their own communities. That’s why we’re the only fund run by young feminists to support and establish other emerging feminist organizations, collectives and movements.

What We Do

Resourcing Young Feminists

FRIDA partners with young and emerging feminist organizations to help them make the most impact on their communities possible.

Changing the Game

We are working to transform power and relationships in philanthropy.


Defiant, not different #IDAHOT

Hello feministas,  We are Dani and Euge, young feminist activists from Argentina! We recently had the opportunity to meet, share and learn from each other. And today, on…

Memory Project


We flourish because of the soil from which we grew. For International Women's Day 2018, we celebrated our roots! We launched a memory project that celebrates our founders’ resistance to systems that denied young women, girls, and trans*youth entry to platforms of power.