Black Lives Matter
The time to question and dismantle white supremacy in all aspects of society is here - and hopefully, there is no coming back. FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund stands in solidarity with those protesting racist state, and patriarchal, violence all over the world. We unequivocally believe that the defense of black lives is central to the young feminist struggle and to philanthropy as a whole. As a donor, FRIDA recognizes that the foundations of philanthropy lie in white supremacy, built at the expense, and by the hands of, people of African descent as well as the colonization and elimination of indigenous peoples. Thus, we are fully committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. We also recognize that a long way still lies ahead of us, and the rest of philanthropy, to ensure that anti-racism is an intrinsic part of the work that we do. FRIDA is incredibly grateful to its community and to the larger movements for black lives, wherever and whenever we are called in to change our practices, and into better supporting movements fighting against racism.

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We believe in the collective power of young feminists to lead and transform their own communities. That’s why we’re the only fund run by young feminists to support and establish other emerging feminist organizations, collectives and movements.


At this critical time of climate emergency, untold stories of climate and environmental justice needs to reach the world.

In partnership with OpenGlobalRights, FRIDA is proud to support four distinguished young feminist fellows who join the first Climate and Environmental Justice Media Fellowship

What We Do

Resourcing Young Feminists

FRIDA partners with young and emerging feminist organizations to help them make the most impact on their communities possible.

Changing the Game

We are working to transform power and relationships in philanthropy.

No Straight Lines

In order to create a more just world for young women, girls, and trans youth, we need to reconsider and reshape power in relationships, to reimagine how resources flow, how we value expertise and how we relate to each other as human beings.

We are thrilled to present 'No Straight Lines': a guide and practical resource for INGOs and funders that have a genuine interest and commitment to support young feminist organising and movements. It draws on interviews from individuals working in INGOs, Funders, and young feminist organizations.

CEECCNA Convening

Last year, we created history by organizing the first-ever convening for young feminists from Central Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central and North Asia (CEECCNA) region in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Our learnings and takeaways were multifold ranging from identifying common opportunities and challenges faced by young feminist activists to specific regional threats that CEECCNA poses for feminist movements to thrive. In all, we left with stronger bonds and unforgettable feminist friendships. Read the convening report in English and Russian .

FRIDA's Happiness Manifestx!

At the most fundamental level, we feel happiness should be at the center of our organizing. FRIDA staff got together and came up with a manifestx to keep each other accountable to care practices and hold ourselves to a standard of wellness and work/life balance.

Over a journey of collective reflections, we found the courage to collectively build, create and consolidate a healthier organizational culture and community culture. To realize this, the FRIDA team re-imagined the scope of self-care and collective well-being, giving importance to the practices that will keep us mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.