Meet the New Moons!
Drawing on the energy of moons, last year we introduced you to the latest cohort of powerful young feminist groups joining the FRIDA community. The 2018 grant cycle brought 87 new groups from 80 countries! We present their stories in this zine entitled ‘New Moons’.

Explore the New Moons!


We believe in the collective power of young feminists to lead and transform their own communities. That’s why we’re the only fund run by young feminists to support and establish other emerging feminist organizations, collectives and movements.

What We Do

Resourcing Young Feminists

FRIDA partners with young and emerging feminist organizations to help them make the most impact on their communities possible.

Changing the Game

We are working to transform power and relationships in philanthropy.

RESEARCH ON Girl-led organizing

It’s time to bring

Girls are organising in creative and impactful ways, yet they remain absent from decision making processes and key movement building spaces. It’s time to bring acknowledge the amazing ways girl organisers are generating change in their communities. FRIDA and Mama Cash are proud to share the first-ever participatory research led by girls on girl-led activism!

Climate Justice

In order to heal, we must start at the roots.

Presenting the second volume of the Young Feminists for Climate Justice storytelling project: a multimedia and multilingual collection of stories by and for young feminist activists reflecting on the role of care in climate justice.


As feminists we spend endless resources, energy and time in building and organising movements. The 2018 edition of #SolidarityStorm focussed on appreciation and recognition of each other as feminist activists, as well as all those who inspire and sustain our movements.