Young feminist organizing is springing up in all corners of the globe - from Mexico to Morocco to Malaysia - powered by brave women, girls and trans* youth who are creating the change the world needs. FRIDA provides young leaders with the resources they need to amplify their voices and bring attention to their work, and the support, flexibility and network to keep their vision and influence alive.

Who we are


Together, we can spark beautiful beginnings, magical moments, and feminist futures.

In the face of today's most pressing inequalities, young feminist organizers are not afraid of disrupting status quo and pushing boundaries while holding the ground gained by those who came before.

We think they should be recognized for their bravery, creativity, and resilience.

By supporting young feminist organizers and co-creating new cultures of collective leadership, we can amplify their impact

We are creating a world free of oppression and violence.

Our Team

We’re located all over the world, speak many different languages, and come from various different backgrounds, but what we all have in common is our dedication to the young feminist movement.

Core Values

    1. Flexibility
    2. Resources
    3. Inclusivity
    4. Diversity
    5. Action
  • Flexibility

    in all of our systems and processes…

  • Resources

    that are varied and that contribute to stronger feminist movements globally…

  • Inclusivity

    across a broad range of identities…

  • Diversity

    in levels of action and forms of organizing…

  • Action

    and accountability to the political visions and agendas we are seeking to promote…

Our Story

This is our story. Learn how FRIDA was collectively created by feminist activists across generations and borders.
An idea begins to incubate
Ideas for a young feminist fund starts to emerge at a meeting coordinated of feminist activists in Marrakech, Morocco. The Association for Women's Rights in Development and Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (Central American Women's Fund) join together to begin incubating a young feminist fund.
A fund is launched and gets a name
The Young Feminist Fund is officially launched, with Amina Doherty as the Founding Coordinator.

A public call is launched to name the fund. Some suggestions include The Dada Fund: ‘Dada’ being the Swahili for ‘Sister,’ The Jangabi Susu Fund: “Jangabi” originating from the Wolof word for young woman and “Susu” being a process recognized in parts of Africa and the Caribbean as a form of resource mobilization, The ‘F’ Fund or Fondo Feminista, The Lola Fund: “Lola” meaning young woman in some iterations of Spanish, and a common name in Central Asia meaning “flower” in Uzbek.

After much debate, it was agreed that the core values would form an acronym for the Fund: FRIDA - Flexibility, Resources, Inclusivity, Action!
Participatory grantmaking puts power in the hands of young women, girls, and trans*youth
FRIDA partners with the Tides Foundation to create a Collective Action Fund to begin receiving and making its own grants. FRIDA invites groups led by young women and transgender youth under 30 years of age for small grants of up to USD 5,000 of flexible funds. Groups can apply in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Arabic.

Sixteen groups are selected through a participatory process that puts decision-making power directly in the hands of applicants.
A co-leadership structure is created
In January 2013, Amina Doherty steps down and in July that same year FRIDA creates a co-leadership structure.

Ruby Johnson and Devi Leiper O'Malley are hired as FRIDA's first co-leaders! Read about their reflections on sharing the role.
The fire of young feminist organizers burns bright!
In six years, FRIDA has raised over 2 million USD thanks to the generous support of its donors.

To date, FRIDA has completed five grant cycles, and cumulatively supported 150 different groups of young feminists in over 80 different countries around the world, awarding 1.3 million USD in direct grants.

Explore the amazing work of young feminist organizers.
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