Alexandra Martins Costa
Former Advisor

Alexandra Martins Costa is 31 and lives in Salvador de Bahia but is originally from Brasilia State. She is a ‘portunhol’ speaker (a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish: a language she learned on the streets among other Latin-American feminist activists). Alexandra’s activism began when she started being connected with NGOs and lesbian feminist groups in Brasilia. In addition, she participated in independent and self-organised communication groups and initiatives. Her feminist career path dialogues with feminist groups that use art and culture. She graduated in Journalism and has a Postgraduate degree in Visual Arts. Currently, Alexandra has collaborated in the ‘Feminaria Musical’ studies groups: a group of the musical school of the Universidade Federal da Bahia which encompasses a line of research on gender, culture and art of the Interdisciplinary Women Studies (NEIM/UFBA).

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