Carla Lopez
Founding Advisor

Carla Lopez is the current Executive Director of the Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres based in Nicaragua.  She is a young Nicaraguan feminist and a social worker with fourteen years of experience promoting and defending women and young people’s human rights in Central America. In this time, Carla’s work has centered around movement building and creating/strengthening alliances between grassroots and national organizations, local and national media and networks throughout the country. Carla is the coordinator of the first Latin-American Women’s Funds joint initiative to strengthen the lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement and an active member of the Consortium of Latin-American and Caribbean Women’s Funds – Conmujeres.  She is a member of the Editorial Advising Committee of “La Boletina” (the largest printed feminist magazine in the region, produced in Nicaragua by Puntos de Encuentro); and is an advisor for the  Global Fund for Women.

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