Chloe Safier
Former Consultant for Resource Mobilization & Communications

Chloe Safier is a young feminist activist from the United States. She is a gender justice and international development consultant who has designed, led & coordinated programming and policy for Oxfam, UN Women and US based non-profit organizations for the past eight years. Prior to consulting with FRIDA, she led a consortium to design a social innovation lab for young women’s rights activists called The Roots Lab. She has previously been based in Johannesburg with Oxfam Great Britain as Regional Gender Lead for Southern Africa, and in New York as Oxfam International’s Gender Justice Coordinator and in various roles at UN Women. She holds a Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard, and a Bachelors degree from Wesleyan University. Before grad school, she worked in Boston organizing young adults around local social justice issues. She also co-created a network of women working on global justice called Internationalistas. She is currently based in San Francisco and a lot of airport terminals.

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