Deniz Nihan Aktan
Change Team Member

Patronus: Beaver
Fav Quote:Sometimes we need a wall to protect ourselves. Sometimes we need to retreat when the world is intrusive. Sometimes we need to shatter that wall. A bruise can lead to a wall; a bruise can be a break. When a stone breaks, a stone becomes stones. A fragment: what breaks off is on the way to becoming something else.” Sara Ahmed

After living 10 years in Istanbul, Deniz recently moved to Bologna to pursue a master’s degree in anthropology. She is one of the initiators and players of the queer-identified football team, Atletik Dildoa, from Turkey. Her academic studies also focus on the sexuality politics and embodiment processes in and around football field. She has been writing on football-gender nexus in an online magazine for 4 years. She believes in the transformative power of intersectional feminism, personal stories, radical compassion and collective action. She is a native Turkish speaker, fluent in English, almost there in Italian, and a beginner in French. She tweets as denzideng.

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