Génesis Ramírez
Former Advisor

Génesis Ramírez is a 19-year-old student, feminist activist, trans-feminist and animal rights advocate from Quito, Ecuador. She is a member of the collective ‘Marcha de las Putas Ecuador’, in which diverse genders participate reclaiming aesthetic freedom and gender diversity, as a trans-feminist issue. As the feminist youth coordinator of the collective, Génesis participates in the training process or ‘Liceo Feminista’, which is under construction and has launched ‘PUTALLERES’ cycles. Through conferences, film forums, panels and discussions, they work on specific feminist issues linked to abortion, sexual work, sexual rights and health rights, gender and public space, street harassment, sexual violence and gender violence, feminicide, masculinities, feminist politic subjectivity, trans-feminism, biotechnology management and feminist economy, among other issues. As a young feminist, Génesis believes that talking about gender is talking about cross-cutting themes. “I firmly believe that generational dynamic must become part of the interpretative framework of the relations between feminism and youth, as a search of positive relationships, of alliances; subjectivity to subjectivity with other women and other femininities and sex/gender diversities in order to create spaces of action and dissemination,” she says.

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