Jessica Alejandra González Sampayo
Participatory Grantmaking Intern

Patronous: Horse, Butterfly.
Fav quote: “What you pay attention to, grows”.

Jessica Alejandra González Sampayo is a transfeminist, communicator and organizer from Puerto Rico. She believes in the motto “we’re the stories that we tell ourselves” and centralizes her work on using our vulnerabilities as political-healing-transformative narratives. She studied her BA and has a master’s degree in Social Psychology to better understand people’s changes, trauma, and other human complexities. Born and raised in a colony, part of her story is all about resisting, co-creating and holding space for radical softness. Jessica is interested in issues of inequality, story based organizing and de-colonizing our relationships, sexualities and culture. Part of her journey as an activist is learning how to heal from and towards transformation. Concentrating on processes, rather than results, Jessica is a creative mind who also loves writing and dancing. She’s fluent in Spanish and English.

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