Mariana Chang Roja
Former Advisor

Mariana Chang Roja is 26 years old and lives in Lima, Peru. She has a Bachelors degree in social science, with a specialisation in Archaeology, from the Universidad Nacional Mayor of San Marcos, and will soon graduate in Education. She works on social projects and as a consultant on education and gender issues. “I live my feminism from pleasure, constant reflection and creativity,” Mariana says and identifies as a feminist lesbian. For the past few years, she has been actively involved with different collectives and articulated with women and feminist networks in her country. Currently, she promotes reflective, action and feminist training spaces, mainly in community environments and with young women, from an intersectional, de-colonial and critical perspective. Mariana envisions contributing to strengthening horizontal and inclusive feminist movements, addressing the empowerment of young feminist initiatives. She is also deeply interested in arts as a tool of social change. Mariana plays batukada, likes walking, travelling and enjoys being by herself.

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