Natalí Hernández Arias
Former Advisor

Natalí Hernández Arias began her activism in sexual and reproductive rights in 2003 in Puebla, although she is originally from Veracruz State, Mexico. Since then, she has worked as a facilitator in multiple workshops and talks and collaborated with different collectives and projects on young people, women and indigenous groups. She coordinated the advocacy component of the Red DDeser jóvenes; that bring together young activists from 12 states of Mexico for accessing legal and safe abortion and the Ddeser network in Puebla. Natalí is also associated with El Taller Centro of sensibilisation and education Humana A.C. a lesbian feminist organisation, with whom they have launched four generations of what they call ‘La escuelita feminista’. Currently, she works as the director of the Centro de Análisis Formación e Iniciativa Social A.C. She writes for Ladobe la columna El feminismo si muerde, but mostly works as a feminist full time. Despite being a psychologist, Natalí says she is a little neurotic! “I like dancing, I am a coffee addict and I believe that orgasms should be part of the basic basket. I like walking, defending joy and organising anger,” she says.

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