Paulini Turgabeci
Founding Advisor

Paulini Turgabeci is a young feminist activist from the Fiji Islands. Paulini’s journey in Human Rights and Feminism started in 2007 when she was 19 after graduating from a yearlong leadership program for young women called the Emerging Leaders Forum coordinated by the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement. Since then she has been involved specifically on issues of Women as Peacemakers, Human Rights Defenders and women in Politics. She currently sits on the board of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement as the young women’s representative since 2009. She is currently a media monitor volunteer with Fiji Media Watch and freelance writer. She’s also working on setting up the South Pacific’s first Gymnastics club as Manager and Administrator as well as putting together a documentary to document the journey. As Fiji heads into general elections in 2014 Paulini hopes that with her background she can encourage the media to strengthen its role in portraying women as capable political leaders.

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